The Gathering is a faith-based community in Boise Idaho. We are people that live in authenticity, community, and a shared pursuit of God and His Kingdom.
We live in the reality of Christ’s resurrection, continuing the mission to bring good into the earth everywhere we go.

Our Treasure Valley has plenty of great churches. Where the Gathering contributes is in our desire for rightful thinking about scripture that informs all decision-making in our life. We want people to see the truth that Christ offers allowing it to bring the abundant life Jesus promises.

Our Story
In 2007 the Gathering started with a desire to simplify what it meant to attend a church. We value three things: a thinking faith, participating in an authentic community and the Spirit of God drawing us into action within our community. Our teachings focus on biblical context and history while still allowing it to inform us in our modern day. You’ll also find we are all pretty down to earth. Authenticity absolutely matters to us. Life is hard enough without having to act differently at church.

If you come and visit us, you will find we are not perfect but we are honest with ourselves and our faith. We are just trying to live God’s way on God’s earth.

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We believe that our relationship with Christ isn’t merely an emotional one. The Christian journey compels us to love God with our mind, our intellect, and our thoughts. We call this thinking faith.

There seems to be a lot of pretenses when it comes to going to church. At the Gathering, we only care about being our raw authentic selves.

We believe that our fundamental calling is to love God and love others. Our love for God is expressed through our love for others. This is the spirit in action. The outworking of  Gods working in our own lives.

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